Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can You Say Sexy!? (Day 90)

Wow, the feeling a picture can give me...words can't describe. This is my husband and his friend (behind him) in the back of a Light Armored Vehicle. I never thought a picture could do so much for me. Look at him, he looks great! Part of me wishes that he needs me, but thank god he doesn't rely on me. I am going to say something selfish here - I wish I was able to Skype with him and not just receive a picture, but I am thankful to just get a picture. I am taking this picture to be my birthday present even though it is still two weeks away. I know he most likely will not be able to call because he will be "out and about" and there just isn't a reason for him to try to send me something.

Started packing things today, mostly just stuff I have bought for the apartment. 4 weeks until I am on the road back to Cali. It's coming up quick. I have a lot to do and quite a few people I want to see before I leave. Once I am gone, not sure when I will be back or where we will be getting stationed.

Hope ya'll liked the picture as much as I did, and hope everyone has a great weekend :]

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