Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 67 (Timer on page is slow!)

Californiaaaa is awesome, actually, it is indescribable. I'M HOME. Now all I need is my apartment back and the person who makes it dirty :] Is that a lot to ask?

I went apartment hunting on Saturday. The first place I saw was beautiful but the apartment seemed pretty small; it would have been a good apartment for me because I am tiny and everything was made for little people, but Weikle is bigger and likes more space. When he was still here we had went to In-n-Out and I noticed an apartment complex up the road, I told him I was going to have to check it out when I came back looking. Well, it just so happens that it was perfect and if everything goes good my move-in date is September 4th. I feel like screaming I am so excited. The place is beautiful and I just know it will be perfect. The complex has a fitness center, heated pool/jacuzzi, basketball court, and tennis court. The apartment has granite counter tops in the kitchen and bath, all new appliances, a pantry in the kitchen, and full size washer/dryer in a laundry room. The biggest reason I want it is because it is close for Weikle to get to work and it is right next to grocery shopping and restaurants. Let's hope today goes smoothly and I get this place!

Weikle is pleased with everything I have been doing, he says he is proud. He said he is very hot and tired; he said he is ready to come home now and be with me in the apartment. I said I know but we aren't too far away from the halfway point now, and before he knows it we will reach the 3 month mark (funny how I can say this to him but I don't even believe it myself!). It feels like it has been a lot more than 67 days, a lot more. I make sure and think about kissing him because I don't want to forget what it felt like. I remember our first kiss, he caught me off guard and I was blown away. At first I was thinking, "Does he just kiss girls like that all the time?" haha and then I realized he didn't. I used to always tell him when he would come home from work "Kiss me really good like the first time" and he would kiss me and I would feel everything all over again. It didn't matter how he kissed me, it did and always will feel that amazing.

Keep Weikle in your thoughts, I know what he is doing right now and I need all the prayers I can get. Just tell God you want Weikle to have fun, a lot of fun, but you also want him to watch his ass and be careful.

I will try to blog one more time before I head to Newport Beach on Friday, have a good week!

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  1. Newport, my favorite place! Have a great time....will continue to keep Weikle in our prayers. Hang in there kiddo, each day that passes is one day closer.