Thursday, July 22, 2010

83 days.

Only 17 more days until we reach 100. Well, I'm counting down the hours til that lovely day - trust me. A hundred just makes it seem official-er; three digit numbers are going to be legit.
I know I have been almost non-stop blogging, not sure if what I even write about now is even interesting? But hey, I am alone most of the time, bored almost all of the time, and worried ALL of the time. Not being in school, no work, no vacations left, nothing. I have hit a plateau ______.

And if not having anything to do sounds nice, it's not. Not when my husband isn't here. I used to do nothing but be a housewife when he was here, but at least I could look forward to him coming home in the evening. Now I am waiting a long time for him to come home, obviously. So if I am over-blogging, I apologize.

Issue Number One: car insurance. I had called our insurance company back in early June and put the hubbs truck in storage. It is just sitting here and no need to pay for the insurance. Well when I got the bill for June I thought it was a little high for one of the vehicles being in storage but figured the quote had just gone up. Then I get this bill for July and it was even more. OK. Time to call State Farm. Somehow (hate this) the policy had changed back to the truck not being in storage almost immediately after I called to put it in storage. How irritating. So I thought they would use the money I have been over-paying to form a "credit" on the account. Nope. They won't. So while the hubbs is at war, I can't even handle keeping the damn truck in storage. Feeling pretty independent these days.

Issue Number Two: My Blackberry is useless. You're probably thinking - DUH. Well I have had this phone for almost two years now so it is almost time for an upgrade. It doesn't upgrade until November which is very inconvenient considering the hubbs is 8,000 miles away and it's pretty important to be able to email/talk to him. Does Verizon believe that is important? Of course not. Idiots. I am blow-drying my hair when my phone goes off and it's an email from the hubby. I hurry up and jump online to chat with him on Yahoo. I get on and I am surprised to see that he isn't on. Did he already get off? Did I miss my babe? I click on the email he sent, it was dated yesterday at 1645 my time. Wow Blackberry, you're giving me messages from 17 hours ago now? You. Are. Useless.

And in case you aren't is still April 2010 and Weikle hasn't left yet. Maybe it's time to re-do my whiteboard calendar? I have been holding onto it because it still has the Mr's handwriting on it and the day he left written on it (circled day). It also has the "I heart Weikle" that I wrote on it for when he came home during the week before he left. I am currently using it to count down the days until I move. But maybe it's time to update it...we'll see.

Going to the Diamondbacks vs. Giants game tonight, me and the fam have 3rd base box tickets which apparently are amazing seats (135 dollars each ticket). Not a huge fan of baseball but I have nothing else to do, so why not? I guess we will be right down by the field so look for us on TV :]

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  1. 1. Love the new look.
    2. If stupid bb needs help, my mr. would help you--you know that right?
    3. I wouldn't erase that board until he comes home either.
    4. I miss you, when can we catch up?