Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Crunch Time (Day 121)

It's almost September, it's almost another month closer to him coming home. Of course time flies by when I have a lot to get done, but hey, I'm not complaining - I'll be late, behind, and in a crunch for the next 3 months if it means time going faster! I have 5 days until I leave for California and I'm so ready to be busy all week. Let's get to Day 150 already!

2 more days until Weikle is officially "Sergeant Weikle". I am soo stoked about this still, we've been waiting and waiting and now it's just 48 hours away. I know I have said it a million times but I am just so proud of my husband. He has worked his butt off to get where he is. I miss that about him, I miss seeing him so motivated - ready for anything and everything. It is such an admirable trait.

Weikle was stuck at a base for over a week waiting to be picked up and although he wasn't too happy about it, I definitely was. Not only was he a little more safe than he previously was but he had a lot of time to think. Time to think about me, the things he misses and overall think about us. I know he didn't want to have to sit and think about these things, he wanted to keep his head in the game. But let me tell you, after 118 days, I really needed to hear him say the things he had said. Without a doubt, we always say I love you at least twice before getting off the phone...I will always know he loves me. But after 4 months, I needed more. I needed more than just "I am doing alright...I love you...bye...". I never doubted that life would be amazing when he came home, I never doubted that time apart makes the heart grow fonder. But to get an email with a list of things he misses about our life together - completely indescribable. I laughed, I cried, and I read it over and over. It truly can't be described how good it felt to read that email.
Before I start getting emotional I am going to change the subject...Our ottoman came in this week and my dad and I went and picked it up yesterday. It's still in the packaging but here it is, absolutely amazing. I even think my husband agrees that we needed it now, imagine that. It looks white but it's technically "hazelnut" which is kind of an off-white creamy color. It is also big enough for a tiger to sleep on...I believe it measures 5 feet by 5 feet.

These are the before pictures of the hope chest I have been working on...with a little help from my dad - he is a life saver! A few hours in the garage, a few beers later (him), and a couple of small mistakes and you get this! I think I am most proud of this project, mostly because we had to do so much to it in order for it to be usable again. The top of it was one long lid and it was broken, the padding on the so-called cushion was horrible and it was pretty much falling apart on the bottom. Now it has new hardware, it's antiqued - hard to tell in the picture, and it now has two lift up lids with actual cushions on the top. The inside is cedar and it smells amazing. Can't wait to use it for storage (after it's been sitting outside for the past 3 years!).

I also have another smaller bench that I recovered with the same fabric, and a few other projects that I will post pictures of once I am in California. 5 days! Bring on the decorating, I have my game face on.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

116 days.

Feels good to type a three digit number every time I write a post now. It also feels good to know that we are almost 4 months into this deployment. I haven't written much because this deployment has sort of seemed like it is at a "stand still". I don't know how much more I can write about missing him without repeating myself and it is way too soon to talk about him coming home, sooo I'm sort of lost with what to say these days.

I can say that I have had a few interesting conversations with Weikle, and yes I said "interesting". Things I never thought we would talk about, things I never thought either one of us would ever have to tell each other about - and well it's been pretty funny and interesting.

We have also talked (for the millionth time) about when we first met, the day we got married, what we are going to do the day he gets home, what Christmas will be like, what the house is going to look like, where we will be moving...etc. It's funny how no matter how many times we talk about it I still smile and feel like it will never get old or boring.

I spent the weekend at my grandparents house scrapbooking our trip to Newport Beach and Disneyland. Soo much fun! Here are a few pics of what I did...

And I finally finished our dresser...well still a few minor things to do but overall it is done. Probably around 10 hours went into this baby, with heat advisory warnings the entire time. Soo I am pretty relieved that it is done. Before picture...After Pictures...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Exciting News (Day 112)

You see that? THAT will soon be my husband's rank; that's right...he's picking up sergeant! I was going to try and contain myself and not announce it until he "officially" picked up, but I am way too proud of him to keep it a secret. This man deserves this and I couldn't be more proud of him. So on September 1st, 2010 it will be official and he will also be reenlisting that day. His package went through and he will be reenlisting as a recruiter. We both will be enjoying him being home more often, no more field opps. every two weeks. I know that everyone is going to want to know what this means in terms of us moving...but unfortunately we will not know for awhile. He still has to come home and go to school and all that. But I do know that we could be sent anywhere or we could stay in California...who knows. But I am so excited for him, for us, and I wanted him to know I am so proud of him. The only downfall is that I can't be there to see him get promoted. Bummer. But I am hoping they take pictures so I can see.

I was in the hospital with kidney stones this week, that wasn't fun at all. It was nice to receive all of the husband's good news after being in so much pain, funny how that works! My furniture projects are coming along. I spent hours and hours sanding down are dresser to find out that it just isn't going to work. I am going to have to paint it and not sure if I want to paint it off-white. Maybe black...or light blue. Hmm maybe gray? Who knows.

I also started restoring my hope chest that my Mama bought me when I was 16. I opened it up and found the furniture tag still on it from whoever had originally purchased it. Guess where it's from? The great Louisville, Kentucky. Where Weikle's aunt and uncle live, and where Weikle wants to live when he is out of the Marine Corps. How weird is that?! I guess it really was meant to be.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The World is at My Feet

Although it doesn't feel like it at times (like most of this deployment) the world really is at my feet. I have the most amazing husband, an awesome family - including the new in-laws!, and so much more. I'm so excited to get back to California and start unpacking our lives and getting back to my "wife" routine. I've missed it terribly. And we are just past the halfway point of this deployment, that much closer to the homecoming day I am longing for. Our "home" is coming together, one project at a time. Overall, life is good. At times it is hard to be positive, I go into the "I want him home, I need him home..." mode a lot. It's easy to let my emotions take over but I'm striving to stay positive and look at the bigger picture. The last conversation I had with Weikle was so comforting and I have felt amazing since getting off the phone with him. I'm living off of his voice, his words (still wishing we could Skype...UGH). I can't help but think about what life will be like once he is home again. To look at him, to see his eyes...It sounds kind of creepy but just to see him "move" and not be still in a picture. Who would have thought I would want that so much? I can't even imagine the feeling of being in his arms, to have him kiss me, I tear up just thinking about it. It's funny, I used to kiss him every morning before he would leave for work and every time he walked out the door I would think, "What am I going to do for 7 months without that?". Now it is something I try not to think about. To know he hasn't touched me or looked me in the eyes for 109 days just kills me. It's amazing to think that we have communicated as well as we have for this long. I constantly hear him in my head, saying smart ass things, laughing at my jokes... That's love. To know that the only thing right in the world is when my phone rings with that weird 5 digit number...that is how I know the world is at my feet.

Friday, August 13, 2010

List, Picture, and a Conversation (Day 105)

Got this picture of my husband. First thing that came to mind was: Damn, that 5 o'clock shadow is sexy. Second thing that came to mind was: He's patrolling, that's dangerous, I do not like this. Then I went back to checkin him out, tell me this man isn't the definition of sexy? You can't!

I'm going to stop drooling over this picture sooner or later...I hope :]

And finally (after 11 days) I got to speak with my husband. We had one of the best conversations ever and it just felt amazing to hear his voice. We got to instant message each other for a little bit when we got off the phone and I wanted to share with you something he wrote me:
Me: Babeee I miss you so much its ridiculous.
Weikle: LOL I know trust me
At the check point I missed you
so bad for some reason.
(I was typing "Awww" and then received the following message)
Maybe because I thought we were gonna die hahha.

That's reassuring right? How many times have you heard your husband say that to you? Blows my mind how this man does what he does every day. It's amazing.

In other news...
This is my newest project. Ignore the wall quote and the green wall. I got a frame, painted the back of it off-white and then bought a 3 dollar stencil at Hobby Lobby and some blue paint and then just kept lining it up to look like one big pattern. I am planning on doing something with a clothespin and a large picture of Weikle and I in it...pretty sure I am going to hang it behind our bed.

This was kind of time consuming but pretty awesome to replicate things I have seen other places for a lot cheaper.

My list is looking shorter!

1. Stain dresser.

2. Recover huge leopard pillows with a more suitable fabric.

3. Finish the hanging "W" sign.

4. Make hanging rose balls. (Sounds weird but it's cool, trust me).

5. Paint two picture frames from Goodwill and attach ribbon to hang them.

6. Paint wooden tray from Goodwill.

7. Paint another picture frame from Goodwill.

8. Attach signs together with chain..

And just when you thought my husband couldn't get any better....
He gave me a shopping spree to Victoria's Secret as one of my birthday presents. This husband of mine needs to come home to me, because it doesn't matter where I lay my head tonight, when I'm in his arms - I'm home.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The List is Getting Shorter (Day 103)

I'm only half buried in projects now. As great as it is to get a bargain on all of this, it's not easy work! It does feel good to look at it when it's done and say, "I did that!?". I give myself a lot of credit and expect the husband to give me even more - I'm workin like a dog to turn this house into a home! Now if only I could get paid to do this... hmmm. I'll work on that.

So TA-DA! Here is the "new" bookcase. I kicked out the back of it - literally. Took my foot to it and it came right off. Spent hours sanding it. You really have to make sure all of the old stain is off of it so that the new stain goes on consistently and looks the same. That is the tricky part. It's hard to get into corners and such. And then applied three coats of Cherry Mahogany stain. Three coats with six hours in between...whew! It's not completely done yet, still have to coat it with polyurethane so that it protects it from watermarks, scratches, etc.

- You can see where I cut corners on this one (my husband would be calling me a PFC right now, low rank in the Corps). So I didn't stain the underneath of this, or the underneath of the shelves either. But no one is going to see them, right?

So this is going to be the nightstand for Weikle, no drawers because he doesn't really need them. So it was probably about 10 bucks at Goodwill. Not in very good condition. But I tightened up the legs with a screwdriver and sanded the whole thing down. I now officially hate sanding. But it is totally worth it when it's done. Because THIS is what it turns into! I couldn't help but paint the legs white... but he won and got the dark wood too. So we're even. This is stained the same color as the bookcase it just looks darker because it is in the shade. Hopefully the husband likes his new nightstand, because there will be NO MORE sanding and painting this thing!

Only 3,247 more projects to do. I'll type the list up and post it tomorrow, if I don't end up staying outside all day doing these projects.

And P.S. -- This is what you look like after staining furniture all day. Not pretty.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Buried in Projects (Day 102)

I was going to wait and post these tomorrow with my finished bookcase, but I couldn't wait. I had to show off my hard work to someone. I mean, its 110 outside and I was out there all day long, I need some credit here - even if it is just posting pictures on the Internet.

So I forgot to take a before picture of this mirror, horrible I know... but picture 1960 dark wood. Seriously, it was bought sometime in the 60's! Please ignore the rest of the crap around the mirror, I'm in the middle of moving and my room looks like a storage closet. Not great living conditions right now. But doesn't the mirror look great!?

This is part of the house warming gift I received from my friend Kelli, thanks again Kelli! The arrow part hangs on the wall and then I painted this "W" to hang from it, I just have to attach some chain to it. It will be a cute little sign when I'm done. She also got me a sign to hang from it that is Fall themed with a little turkey and pumpkins. Adorable.

This is a nightstand that my Mama got from Goodwill about a year ago. I don't think she paid more than $10 dollars for it.

And this is what it looks like after I got my hands on it. It's amazing what paint and new hardware can do! I sort of splurged on $7 for each glass knob. But overall, this is a $14 nightstand. And yes, it's white. The husband will have to deal with it because I'm not staining the nightstands, just the dresser and bookcase. Way to much work.

I decided I would share some of my tips when it comes to fixing up old furniture. Some of you may be experts (I'm definitely not) but some of you may want to know. So here it is.

1. Sand, sand, and sand some more. The more you sand, the better. Just don't sand away all of the wood!

2. Use an air compressor and blow off the furniture, then use lacquer thinner on a cloth to wipe off any thing left on the surface.

3. Use a roller, not a paintbrush. This is the difference between it looking good and great. Only use a paintbrush in the places a roller won't get.
4. Use the least amount of paint possible. Doing two or three coats looks better than one thick or two thick coats.

Bookcase will be posted tomorrow, it needs another coat of stain. Staining is very tricky, I'll let you know how to stain furniture once I figure it out! I will be scrubbing all night to get the stain off of my legs, it's not a good look for me.

What Did I Get Myself Into? (Day 101)

It's funny how my husband acts like he doesn't care about how I am decorating the house, or what projects I am doing...Yet, he seemed to care when I said our bedroom furniture would be white. He said it would look like a "little kids room" and I told him he is definitely picturing it all wrong. But he insisted our bedroom furniture be dark wood. Of course, like what every bachelor's furniture looks like right? I gave in and agreed to have dark furniture in our bedroom. This meant sanding and staining the "older" furniture we got from my parents, thanks Mama! So like I said yesterday, today I was sanding and staining. Like anything, it's a lot more work that I thought it would be! Wow. After two trips to Lowe's (loveee going there) I got everything I needed. So far, I have managed to sand most of it, and get stain all over my legs and feet. I look like I have some kind of weird skin disease, its horrible. Here is the before picture...

I had already taken the shelves out, but there are obviously two of them. I will post the "after" picture tomorrow. Hopefully? If I don't lose my hand sanding or cover my entire body in wood stain it should be up tomorrow.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do You See That!?

The clock on the page now says DAY 100. Ahhh! There is some light at the end of this dark tunnel! Finally. Almost on the downhill slope of this deployment and it feels ridiculously good, let me tell you.

This downhill slope is good and bad. It's good because soon I will be standing there, holding a sign and welcoming him home. This is bad because all the projects I have planned for our "home" are no where near completed. Now I'm sure my warrior of a husband doesn't care if I get that bookcase stained or those pillows recovered, but I sure as hell do. So I have about 8,923 things to do in the next 100 days. But I will get them done, right? Right. I'm super wife and I can handle this.

This blog may turn into a home and garden blog for the next 3 months, my apologies.

My "projects" aren't what is making me feel overwhelmed. Moving is. It seems like I have so much more to move this time. I don't know if it is because I have some of his things now or if it is because I have bought things since I have been here. Most likely from buying things. But whichever it is, I now find myself in a moving mess. Most of my boxes consist of lotion, electronics, sweatshirts, and picture frames. All mixed into one box. Nothing is organized and it is driving me crazy. I have so much random stuff in my room and I can't group it all together because I need some of it out still. I don't even want to discuss the way things were packed when I was leaving California. I was an emotional wreck, he was never home, and I had so much to do in such little time. It's stressing me out just thinking about move-in day.

So here are some pictures of some things I got from my Mama for my birthday, and some projects I am working on. Keep in mind I do not have an amazing/expensive camera (Hint: Husband could think about getting me one for my birthday?). And I do not have a home to actually set these things up to show you how they look.

These signs are project number 2,319. I just want to use some chain to hook them together. Show you a picture of that when it's done, hopefully tomorrow or the next day.

This is a picture of my end table I painted, I tried to get a picture to show how it is "antiqued". Not sure if you can tell but it was worth a shot.Below is a picture of something I saw at Kelli's house and fell in love with. I thought I was going to have to order it online and then I found it at Michael's! You put whatever you want in the bottom and then a nice candle sits on the little shelf. So this is the before picture and later I will give you an after picture.
This shadow box is adorable and I love it. So far it has an email that Weikle sent me some time in May, our newspaper wedding announcement, and my garter. When he gets home I will be putting a letter that I sent him in it and the scrapbook calendar I sent with him. Totally cute.

And tomorrow I'll be sanding and staining a dresser, a bookcase, and a nightstand. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it. I'll have pictures up when they are done.

Have a good Monday everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here's to the Things I Do Remember (Day 97)

Here's to us babe. Here's to the times we've shared. Here's to the love we have. Here's to you coming home! Here's to making little Weikle's down the road. Here's to the next 70 amazing years I have with you Dallas Weikle.

I remember our first kiss. Like it was yesterday. Don't you? You caught me off guard and just laid it on me, hard. I wanted to kiss you again, and again. But I didn't. I had to be somewhat hard to get right? I had just met you hours before this, you weren't getting me that easy babe.

The Marine Corps Ball. Oh boy. You were in the field for the two weeks before the ball. In fact, you had just gotten out of the field the night before and drove to get me from the airport. There I stood (ok, I was pacing) waiting to see that bright red El Camino come around the corner. I hopped in and started kissing you all over your face. I was feeling the back of your head, it was just shaved that morning. Because I was kissing you so much, we almost got in an accident. Woops. Once we were at our table you were ordering Jack and Coke's by the doubles. Double fisting it. That's my man :] Before you know it, you were all over me and it was getting a little inappropriate. So we headed up to the room. It had been two weeks! What do you expect. So by the time we made it back down to the ball room, dinner was over, we didn't get pictures, and everyone was missing. But it's okay babe, I had you. All to myself.

The day we got our wedding rings. We weren't officially engaged, were we? No we weren't. But we were at the mall doing our wedding registries? Hmm weird. So we sat down and picked out rings and that was that. We got in the truck to go home and I said, "Ask me to marry you" and you said, "Ok, will you marry me?" and I believe I said, "Haha no shit".

Moving day. The first time. I pulled up to the apartment and their you were. White shirt, blue jeans and white Nike's. Yumm :] I was thinking that I was glad to have snagged you, and as I always say... "I locked it in". Haha. You were looking good babe, and thank god you were, because the apartment complex wasn't.

Reception night. 6 February 2010. But this story begins the morning after. When you were probably really excited that I loved you so much. Not only did I unwrap all of our wedding gifts and load them in the car myself, but I drove us back to California on 4 hours of sleep - while you were vomiting the entire way. I felt so bad for you. You couldn't hang with me babe, it's okay, no one ever expected you to. Like I told you before, the reception in Ohio, that's my turn to get shit-faced :]

Ok, this one may be inappropriate to write about - but I have to. It makes me laugh every time I think about it. We just got done in bed and you went to get up and I went to roll over, and all of the sudden you weren't there! You fell off the bed, actually, you flew off the bed. And you didn't even make a noise like "Oh shit I'm falling". Nope you took it like a man and fell silently haha. And you continue to blame me for the falling when we both know it was all you.

Week before you left. I believe maybe only a few hours before we had to be on base before you left? You had all your bags packed. Heavy and full obviously. And babe, I know you're picturing this in your head right now! Get that smile off your face :] I decided I could probably carry all of your bags like you do. I was wrong. Big pack on my back, day pack around my front, rolling one in my hand, and then the sea bag had to go on top of my head and be held with one hand. So you put it on my head, I grabbed it with one hand and was like, "YES! I have it!". Then I laughed a little, starting falling (while you just stared!) and all that weight took me down so fast. I hit the lamp, it fell into the TV, and then I was stuck upside down. Remember how hard you were laughing!? No sound was even coming out for about five minutes, and I was still upside down trying to stop laughing so I could breathe. Best moment we had before you left.

The day you left, well the night you left. It was freezing and the whole atmosphere was just cold and sad. I don't remember much, it all seemed like a big blur. 4 hours went by so quickly. I was tying bag identification tags on your stuff and you were at the armory getting your weapon. You were soo stoked when you came back with it. I could tell by the way you looked that you were ready and that the night was bittersweet for you. You wanted to go but you didn't want to leave me, I know that. So I held onto you, I didn't know what else to do. I thought if I just cried and held you that they wouldn't make you leave. I cried the entire time. I enjoyed you kissing my forehead more than you know. You looked me in the eyes and you gave me this speech:

"You're gonna be okay Britt. You'll write me and Motomail me and send me stuff okay? You're gonna be busy with school and you're gonna be okay."

Those words still seem so fresh in my head and I know you probably don't remember saying those things but you did. I replay those words over and over. I'm gonna be okay, you said so. And when your name was called I followed you and grabbed your turned around and kissed me 3 times. And you let go of my hand and stepped onto the bus. You took a window seat and I could see you. I walked up and tapped on the window, tears were pouring down my face. You were giving me smiles and shaking your head and mouthing "It's okay" and trying to make me laugh. I just wanted to cry but I was trying to smile for you. Trying to be tough, not "itty bitty" like you always say. And then the lights on the bus shut off and I was thinking, is that it? That's the last I will see his face? And then the first bus pulled away, the second bus followed, and then your bus. I stood there until I couldn't see the bus anymore.

I started walking, following all the other families back to our cars. Our cars that were a little more empty than when we came. I was hyperventilating, and I'm sure people were thinking I was being over dramatic. I wasn't. I felt my heart drop, I felt part of me taken away. It hurt so bad. Physically hurt. I unlocked the car, sat down and the seat was still far back from you driving. I screamed. The radio was on your station - Octane. I tried to leave the seat the way it was and drive but I couldn't reach the pedals. That was step one of changing things. We went back to the apartment, packed up last minute things and headed back to AZ. I threw up three times and never really said a word the entire drive. I could hardly keep my eyes open driving and I didn't even care to.

As hard as it was, as much as I have been through since you left, I would do it all over again for you. I would do anything you asked Weikle.

And you're right, I'm gonna be okay. Because of you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things I Can't Remember (Day 95)

Hang with me as I try to cover a few topics in one post. Business first, possibly tears second.

I am extremely thankful to have met someone here in Arizona (Kelli) that I can truly call a good friend. We had an awesome time today at Ikea (my first time!) and treated ourselves to a delicious lunch. We headed to Home Goods, and believe it or not, I walked out empty handed. This was step one to breaking my addiction people. She listened to me go on and on about my struggles and although she couldn't relate - it felt really good to know she cared and listened. So Kelli, thank you for today! Later I will post a picture of what she got me for a house warming gift that she totally didn't need to get, but I love it so I can't turn it down.

It's been 95 days ladies and gentlemen. And even though it is only 3 months, I'm realizing it's still a long time. I haven't kissed my husband in 3 months, I haven't even looked at him in 3 months. I underestimated this. Completely. Weikle had told me before he left that around the 3 month mark is when it gets tough, it's when feelings change and its when I won't feel like I love him as much as I did. I said, "No way, not happening". And I was right, I still love him and miss him just as much if not more than the day he left. BUT, I do have to agree that things have changed. And that is tough to say, very tough to say. I want to be honest with you all, tell you what it's really like to have the love of your life at war. It's not all good, it's not just this lovey-dovey fairytale deployment like everyone might think. So the whole reason for this blog is to share the ups and downs of being a Marine it goes.

I can't remember the feeling I would get when he would walk in the room, that feeling that made my knees weak is nothing more than a memory that I can't remember. I can write about it, tell you about it, but the truth is - I don't really remember.

It's becoming difficult to picture the expressions he made with his face when he would talk to me. You know, the important ones. The "I love you Britt", the "I'm gonna kick your ass". I can't picture those faces vividly anymore.

There was only so long I could go without washing his pillowcase, without washing the last shirt he wore. I had to suck it up, put them in the washer, and say goodbye to the little bit of him that was fresh. And now I can't remember what he smells like after working all day, that manly "I'll work as long as I live" smell. Sucha man.

It was maybe a few weeks of putting his camis on the floor of my bedroom to feel like he was still here that I realized he wasn't. So I packed them up. I can't get the feeling of taking off boots, washing dirty socks. The things I fell in love with. I not only loved every part of him but I loved every part of him that had to do with the Marine Corps. It's what made him who he is today. It's our life.

I don't remember the lines from The Office that he would laugh at; I used to know them by heart. He would say them with the character, and then laugh like he never watched the episode before. He had seen each one as least 25 times - not an exaggeration.

His hands. I don't know the roughness to smoothness ratio anymore. Who knows what they feel like right now. That drives me crazy. His hands were the biggest turn on to me. He would put his right hand on my thigh no matter where we were driving and squeeze it as he was talking to me (In a non-perverted way).

I forget the feeling of a fresh haircut. Once a week I got to feel that close shave on the back of his head and I loved it. That's what I loved about Sunday...

The honest truth is that I can't feel these feelings. It's not about remembering memories, it's about getting those feelings. The feeling of when I look into his eyes I know damn well he is thinking the same thing I am - life is amazing with you. I love my husband, he means the world to me. And that will never change. But not feeling the little things - not getting that blood rush to my head when he kisses me, not feeling super hot when he takes his shirt kills me.

The one person I count on isn't here. The phone calls are pretty much the same, week after week. Don't take this the wrong way, I love talking to him on the phone. But seriously, communicating only by a telephone for the past three months is just crazy. It's not enough for me. I need him, I need our life back. I need to look into his eyes and know everything about our world. I need the reassurance, the backup that he's here - in front of me. He has the smile I need at 6 in the morning, the warmth I need on a rainy day, the man I need forever. And the phone does not give this to me. The phone gives me delayed reactions, monotone conversations, and dropped calls. If our love wasn't so amazing, this deployment would be much easier. If he wasn't my best friend, this deployment would be much easier. I'm lucky to have found such a unique love, a man that is my ultimate, the man version of me. Without this man, I would not know these feelings that I miss. I would not be loved unconditionally every day.

-If everyone could please keep my husband in their thoughts and prayers I would really appreciate it. The next two weeks are going to get pretty rough for him. I know most of you have been and I can't thank you enough, seriously.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's AUGUST! (Day 93)

August. I hate to say this - but yes, time has gone fast now that I look back on it. It's bittersweet to say that. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was telling Weikle that I "just want it to be August already". And here we are, August 1st. So it is officially my birthday month, a whole month to celebrate my existence. Weikle thinks this is going a little overboard but he isn't here so it's MY month (haha).

This year has gone by amazingly fast. I can't believe it's my birthday again, and I thought my parents were lying when they said "enjoy being young, it goes by so quick". Well they weren't. Years have came and went in the blink of an eye. A lot has happened in a year, a lot.

1. I partied my ass off for my last birthday with a bunch of my closest friends.

2. I went to Havasu for Labor Day/Clay's birthday.

3. Came home from Havasu and broke up with my boyfriend.

4. Got talked into meeting Weikle.

5. Started dating Weikle 2 days after I met him.

6. Told everyone I was going to marry him 2 weeks after dating him.

7. Was engaged 2 months later.

8. Was married 2 weeks later.

9. Moved in with him 2 weeks later.

10. Spent a total of 2 months physically with each other.

11. Said I loved him and would see him in 7 months.

It all went by so fast. It definitely does not feel like a whole year has gone by, we were so busy, so excited. I wanted to marry him so much. We would be on the phone and I would say "I want results" and he knew I meant marrying him. 7 months ago I stood and promised the rest of my life with him and wasn't nervous at all. I had no doubts in my mind that I wanted nothing but him. I stand today, wanting the same thing... him here with me.