Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Did I Get Myself Into? (Day 101)

It's funny how my husband acts like he doesn't care about how I am decorating the house, or what projects I am doing...Yet, he seemed to care when I said our bedroom furniture would be white. He said it would look like a "little kids room" and I told him he is definitely picturing it all wrong. But he insisted our bedroom furniture be dark wood. Of course, like what every bachelor's furniture looks like right? I gave in and agreed to have dark furniture in our bedroom. This meant sanding and staining the "older" furniture we got from my parents, thanks Mama! So like I said yesterday, today I was sanding and staining. Like anything, it's a lot more work that I thought it would be! Wow. After two trips to Lowe's (loveee going there) I got everything I needed. So far, I have managed to sand most of it, and get stain all over my legs and feet. I look like I have some kind of weird skin disease, its horrible. Here is the before picture...

I had already taken the shelves out, but there are obviously two of them. I will post the "after" picture tomorrow. Hopefully? If I don't lose my hand sanding or cover my entire body in wood stain it should be up tomorrow.

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