Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The World is at My Feet

Although it doesn't feel like it at times (like most of this deployment) the world really is at my feet. I have the most amazing husband, an awesome family - including the new in-laws!, and so much more. I'm so excited to get back to California and start unpacking our lives and getting back to my "wife" routine. I've missed it terribly. And we are just past the halfway point of this deployment, that much closer to the homecoming day I am longing for. Our "home" is coming together, one project at a time. Overall, life is good. At times it is hard to be positive, I go into the "I want him home, I need him home..." mode a lot. It's easy to let my emotions take over but I'm striving to stay positive and look at the bigger picture. The last conversation I had with Weikle was so comforting and I have felt amazing since getting off the phone with him. I'm living off of his voice, his words (still wishing we could Skype...UGH). I can't help but think about what life will be like once he is home again. To look at him, to see his eyes...It sounds kind of creepy but just to see him "move" and not be still in a picture. Who would have thought I would want that so much? I can't even imagine the feeling of being in his arms, to have him kiss me, I tear up just thinking about it. It's funny, I used to kiss him every morning before he would leave for work and every time he walked out the door I would think, "What am I going to do for 7 months without that?". Now it is something I try not to think about. To know he hasn't touched me or looked me in the eyes for 109 days just kills me. It's amazing to think that we have communicated as well as we have for this long. I constantly hear him in my head, saying smart ass things, laughing at my jokes... That's love. To know that the only thing right in the world is when my phone rings with that weird 5 digit number...that is how I know the world is at my feet.

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