Friday, August 13, 2010

List, Picture, and a Conversation (Day 105)

Got this picture of my husband. First thing that came to mind was: Damn, that 5 o'clock shadow is sexy. Second thing that came to mind was: He's patrolling, that's dangerous, I do not like this. Then I went back to checkin him out, tell me this man isn't the definition of sexy? You can't!

I'm going to stop drooling over this picture sooner or later...I hope :]

And finally (after 11 days) I got to speak with my husband. We had one of the best conversations ever and it just felt amazing to hear his voice. We got to instant message each other for a little bit when we got off the phone and I wanted to share with you something he wrote me:
Me: Babeee I miss you so much its ridiculous.
Weikle: LOL I know trust me
At the check point I missed you
so bad for some reason.
(I was typing "Awww" and then received the following message)
Maybe because I thought we were gonna die hahha.

That's reassuring right? How many times have you heard your husband say that to you? Blows my mind how this man does what he does every day. It's amazing.

In other news...
This is my newest project. Ignore the wall quote and the green wall. I got a frame, painted the back of it off-white and then bought a 3 dollar stencil at Hobby Lobby and some blue paint and then just kept lining it up to look like one big pattern. I am planning on doing something with a clothespin and a large picture of Weikle and I in it...pretty sure I am going to hang it behind our bed.

This was kind of time consuming but pretty awesome to replicate things I have seen other places for a lot cheaper.

My list is looking shorter!

1. Stain dresser.

2. Recover huge leopard pillows with a more suitable fabric.

3. Finish the hanging "W" sign.

4. Make hanging rose balls. (Sounds weird but it's cool, trust me).

5. Paint two picture frames from Goodwill and attach ribbon to hang them.

6. Paint wooden tray from Goodwill.

7. Paint another picture frame from Goodwill.

8. Attach signs together with chain..

And just when you thought my husband couldn't get any better....
He gave me a shopping spree to Victoria's Secret as one of my birthday presents. This husband of mine needs to come home to me, because it doesn't matter where I lay my head tonight, when I'm in his arms - I'm home.

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