Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The List is Getting Shorter (Day 103)

I'm only half buried in projects now. As great as it is to get a bargain on all of this, it's not easy work! It does feel good to look at it when it's done and say, "I did that!?". I give myself a lot of credit and expect the husband to give me even more - I'm workin like a dog to turn this house into a home! Now if only I could get paid to do this... hmmm. I'll work on that.

So TA-DA! Here is the "new" bookcase. I kicked out the back of it - literally. Took my foot to it and it came right off. Spent hours sanding it. You really have to make sure all of the old stain is off of it so that the new stain goes on consistently and looks the same. That is the tricky part. It's hard to get into corners and such. And then applied three coats of Cherry Mahogany stain. Three coats with six hours in between...whew! It's not completely done yet, still have to coat it with polyurethane so that it protects it from watermarks, scratches, etc.

- You can see where I cut corners on this one (my husband would be calling me a PFC right now, low rank in the Corps). So I didn't stain the underneath of this, or the underneath of the shelves either. But no one is going to see them, right?

So this is going to be the nightstand for Weikle, no drawers because he doesn't really need them. So it was probably about 10 bucks at Goodwill. Not in very good condition. But I tightened up the legs with a screwdriver and sanded the whole thing down. I now officially hate sanding. But it is totally worth it when it's done. Because THIS is what it turns into! I couldn't help but paint the legs white... but he won and got the dark wood too. So we're even. This is stained the same color as the bookcase it just looks darker because it is in the shade. Hopefully the husband likes his new nightstand, because there will be NO MORE sanding and painting this thing!

Only 3,247 more projects to do. I'll type the list up and post it tomorrow, if I don't end up staying outside all day doing these projects.

And P.S. -- This is what you look like after staining furniture all day. Not pretty.

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