Saturday, July 17, 2010

Confirmed Kill (Day 78)

Yes babe, I killed something, you're not the only one. I was trying on a pair of heels and looking at them in the mirror, I saw something that looked like it was crawling on the floor but I looked and didn't see anything. I sat down on the floor to take the heels off and BAM there it was - scorpion! Being the bad ass that I am, I took off the heel and murdered it with it. That scorpion didn't have a chance against a 5 inch heel. As I was crawling into bed I started thinking....what else could be under my bed? Ewww. Spiders? Snakes? Who knows. There are sooo many pairs of shoes and bags of stuff I have bought for the house that I have no idea what could be under there. Guess that heel is staying right next to my pillow - just in case.

Haven't spoken to the hubby in awhile, starting to worry even though I shouldn't. Last I heard he was somewhere new and had an ear infection. He was trying to go to medical to get something to clear it up, sure hope he did. I feel helpless when something is wrong and I can't do anything about it. I miss him so much tonight, probably because we haven't spoken in awhile. I am hoping he gets ahold of me soon, my stomach can't handle all of these butterflies. Also, found out today that it may be possible for him to Skype with me once he is back where he is supposed to be and all. Just downloaded it on my computer. I hope it's Skype that they use? I didn't think about asking what program it is or how it even works. Hmm, we will see. Sending him another package on Monday, this one includes new headphones and two hallmark cards. Maybe some gas station items too.

Went shopping today with my mama. Got some random things for the apartment; sheets, cheese grater, centerpiece, end tables for the living room.... of course I got great deals because that's who I am - bargain shopper. Can't go into detail until after I talk to Weikle and tell him about this stuff first.

Off to bed, hopefully sleep comes easy.

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