Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seventy Five Days Since

I was really, truly, happy. I never knew I could be such a great person and feel happy almost 100% of the time until I met Weikle. I will swear up and down that this man completes me. Him not being here just tears me apart more and more each day. The amazing thing is that just his voice, that Ohio manly voice, can turn my day from good to bad. When that phone rings my heart throbs and I get butterflies in my stomach. It's as if I can't believe he is calling. I jump out of the shower, I park the car, I run across the house, anything I can to grab that phone before it goes to voicemail. In 75 days I have missed ONE phone call. Yep one. I'd say that is some kind of record.
At Balboa on the phone with Weikle

I was remembering today the morning after we got married. We were checked into a hotel in Bellville, Ohio. It was snowing, freezing outside, and of course we were both ecstatic. I had bronchitis, horrible bronchitis and I had been coughing up blood on his pillow all night and we each probably got 3 hours of sleep. Poor guy. I think he got up to make me hot tea and get me a cold rag at least ten times. He has been allergic to perfumes/dyes/colognes since right before I met him. We think it has to do with too many immunizations from the corps. Anyway, the hotel sheets apparently had been washed in scented detergent and he was covered in hives. His lip had decided to swell to twice its normal size also. We were a mess... Weikle told me that he was going to drive me to the hospital because I wasn't doing good. When we got there we checked in and were walking away when the lady at the desk saw his lip, she asked if he needed to be seen too and we both started cracking up. Here we were, honeymoon morning, in the hospital and both feeling like hell. The term "in sickness and in health" was well used. I was talking to him trying to keep his mind off itching and he is helping me stop coughing and helping me throw up. Two man team and absolutely perfect for one another. I would rather speak with him once a week, once a month, for the rest of my life than to never be with him. He is the voice I want to hear some day when I'm 90, the wooden rockin chair I want rockin right beside me....

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