Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wanting a Home (Day 16)

Can the month of May just be over already? I want June, I want summmerr time. Most of all I just want summer semester to start.

Saturday my mama and I went browsing and shopping. Mostly at home stores. We saw some amazing things and it was making me sad. Sad isn't the word to describe it, annoyed is more the right word. I cannot wait to go back to California and get an apartment, I cannot wait to actually decorate it. I want my husband home so we can pick out furniture and slowly but surely add our touches to our home (he loves picking things out for the house hehe). I want this more than anything. You see, when I moved to Cali in January after we got married we didn't pick out an apartment. We were crunched for time and just decided to get an apartment at our friends apartment complex. Didn't look around at all. My parents and I loaded everything up and met Weikle at our new apartment complex, I had no idea what I was gonna pull up to. Lets just say, if I were to have picked out our apartment, it definitely would not have been anything like it was. It was in a slightly bad neighborhood, hence the stealing of my car. But we made it work, and don't get me wrong, it was amazing just living and being with my hubby. Wouldn't do it any differently. However next time around, I will be going to Cali weeks in advance to pick out the apartment. I am stoked about this. So stoked that I have already started looking online at them. 200 days in advance should make me more than prepared when it is time to go check them out!

I am a pretty creative person and I love to do things myself rather than just buy things. I plan on finding antique furniture and fixing it up, and find unique things for the apartment. I want to "put it together" myself and cannot wait to see how it turns out. The hubby loves this about me, and not to toot my own horn... but I do as well :]

I enjoy every little thing that comes with being a wife. I absolutely love doing things for him, I love the feeling of being our own little family. I love knowing that everyday I have a person that would do absolutely anything for me. Waking up and cooking breakfast and packing a lunch, folding his laundry perfectly, and having dinner ready the second he walks in the door; love them all. I don't have these things right this second, but I will have them back soon. No doubt about it.

Hope everyone has a great start to the week tomorrow!

Hopefully my P90x comes in the mail tomorrow, I am dying to start exercising.
Come on Fed Ex man!

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