Friday, May 14, 2010

Amazing Husband (Day 13)

Let me start off by saying that my husband is, you guessed it, amazing.

Your all probably thinking "You say this all the time", but I have a really legitimate reason to be
saying it this time. I was able to talk to him through email for awhile today, I really needed to talk to him so I was really excited when I got an email from him. It was about 3am over there when he was writing me.
Let me explain to you what this is like:

Because of the time difference, I never know when he will email or call. It has been at midnight, 0500, and like today it was 1500. This means my computer is always open and on my email in the living room, his computer is on my email in my room, and like I said phone is on loud no matter what. My phone is kept fully charged all of the time and I have it in my hand or pocket at all times.

So, constantly making sure I am available is a full time job. Anyway, back to him being so amazing...he told me everything he knew I was dying to hear, and I ate it up. I ate it up like you do when your a freshman and a senior tells you your everything he has ever wanted (sooo not true). But my husband was being honest, he knew I needed to hear about all the things he thinks about every day. The exact things he misses about me, and all of the things he wants to do when he comes home. I cried, but tears of happiness. After I told him the things I sent in a package yesterday (yes, another package) he told me that I am a good wife and that I know him way too well. This is true, I do know him way too well. I sent him some pictures from Mothers Day, some pictures from Vegas that he hasn't seen yet. He said when he gets home he will kiss me 24/7 and never let me out of his sight. These are the things, even from 8000 miles away, that make my husband so amazing. And even though just words, I know that he wishes he were here to prove himself. To be the husband, the Marine, and the best friend that he is so amazing at being.

2 weeks since he left; feels like I should be saying a month.

The past three days (before I got to talk to him today) have been hard. It's hard to be at home all day without anyone here. I find myself cleaning a lot, doing laundry a lot, and just trying to make myself stay busy. I cannot wait until my summer semester starts. I also cannot wait until the P90x I ordered gets here. If you don't know what P90x is then I highly suggest you open a new tab and google it. I told the hubby that every inch of my body will be rock hard for him when he gets home, he promised me the same (it was already hard when he left haha).

Also, I am giving myself some brownie points tonight. Let me give you some background information first; A few times over the past 5 months I have had to give Weikle a haircut. Either because he forgot or we got home to late to go to the barber shop. Well, using a razor and clippers to achieve that "low fade" from a zero to a 4 is not as easy as it looks. At least not for someone who is not trained to do so. The first time I tried this, his Chief Warrant Officer and Sgt. asked him who cut his hair and why it looked like he got in a fight with a knife set. NOT GOOD. The next time I did it he was reluctant to let me, but I told him that I could do better. I did pretty good that time, not amazing, but good. Well before he left for Afghan. I gave him another haircut. Not to brag, but I did an awesome job. Professional quality. Well last night I gave my brother a haircut and did an awesome job too! I am pretty proud of myself.

Hope everyone has an safe and fun filled weekend! If any of ya'll have an amazing husband like I do than go grab him and kiss him til you run out of breathe.... Props to you for reading all of this, what a snoozer( zzzzz....zzzzz's).

Semper Fi.

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