Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 3

Really? Could time go any slower?
It seems like forever since I last kissed him.
Now, maybe I am being a drama queen about this, but geez, I don't care.
Flat out, this sucks.

This is going to be a long blog, just giving you a warning.

Some people say that women who date or marry military men just want attention while their man is deployed. There are movies that make it seem like a fairytale, they make it seem like
it's easy and it all ends well. To be honest, I don't want attention from anyone. I want the whole male species to stop hitting on me, to stop looking at me the way they do. I just want my husband to be here and look at me the way he does. The look that says "baby its going to be OK". This isn't easy. It hurts, my whole body hurts... and when I wake up my heart sinks. He's not next to me and I know that tomorrow he won't be either. Nothing about him being gone is easy.

Let me fill you in on a few things about Weikle.

Weikle is someone everyone likes. And I mean everyone. If someone doesn't like him, they have some serious issues. Not meaning to sound stuck up, that's just how it is.
He talks to tellers at the bank like he has known them his entire life. When he speaks, people sincerely listen. He works his ass off and doesn't complain. He's honest, like a man should be. He is one helluva Marine. Ohio is his home land and he lets everyone know it. America is in his blood, and the Corps is his life. His El Camino is his other wife. He cannot wait to be a father, but he will. When he kisses me, he really kisses me. He sets his alarm clock for 2 hours before he really has to wake up so that he can be excited for two more hours of sleep. He has to have Pillsbury Biscuits with every meal. He can eat more raw cookie dough than anyone I have ever met. He is always positive. Weikle is everything I never thought I would find.

I miss him terribly. We aren't perfect. We have had our little arguments. We know exactly which buttons we can push and when to stop. We hug before we start yelling and kiss like we never kissed before. On a normal basis we laugh uncontrollably at one another. We also reminisce about when we first met and how everything fell together so fast. He knows that when I say "Guess what?" that I am going to say "I love you a lot a lot". He tells me I am tough shit when I am trying to be strong.

Well, if you have read this far I am sure I am boring you by now. So onto a few updates.

I am trying to set deployment goals. Like working out, learning a language, and so on. We'll see how well that goes. I can't seem to get motivated to do anything right now.

School starts June 1st. I will be going Monday thru Thursday, o700 to 1200. I am desperately hoping that time goes faster once school starts. Its only 4 weeks of classes so we shall see how well that goes.

Still looking for a job, like the rest of America. No surprise there.

Tomorrow is Wednesday which means Trivia Night at Majerles. Not sure if I am going by myself or even going at all. That is how unmotivated and unhappy I am. You know how much I adore Majerles.

All day I have been on the internet. Google has had my undivided attention all day. I can't help but look at maps and try and pinpoint his location. I wanna see where he his, where mountains are around him, where rivers are, where other districts and provinces are in relation to him, I want to know it all! Well curiousity didn't kill the cat this time but it didn't make me feel any better. I think the hubby wasn't giving me all of the information that he could of. Actually, I am almost positive that he wasn't filling me in all the way. And I understand that most of it he probably couldn't tell me. Well I figured most of it out today with the little information I did have. I now wish I never googled anything.

Everyone, please pray for my husband. And if you don't pray, just keep him in your thoughts. Pray for his friends, his brothers. Pray for his battalion and that they kick some ass and come home to their loved ones safe and sound. Pray for my fellow Marine wife, Jovi. She has a little boy who will be coming into the world in August. Her husband is my husbands best friend. Just know that they have our backs over there right now and we need to have theirs.

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