Monday, May 24, 2010

Package Arrival (Day 24)

I heard from Weikle today, and I am a very happy girl to say the least because he got the first package I sent him! This was amazing to hear. It's like part of me arrived in the box I sent him... I was happy to hear that the guys are loving the fly swatters I sent. I have to admit they were pretty awesome, black and bigger than the average fly swatter, they were called Super Swatters (haha) and very manly if I do say so myself. I had sent him his old pair of boots and he said he put them on almost immediately. This was such a relief for me; I feel as though I took care of him today. I sent him his hair clippers and mosquito spray today. The lady at the post office made this comment to me, "He can't deal with a few bugs?" and I said, "Anything to make his days just a little better, even if it is only getting rid of a 'few' bugs". Come on lady, your working in a post office and making comments about what my husband wants while he is in Afghanistan?
I'm sure you complain about your 8 hour shift, he doesn't complain about his 16 hour one. Bite me.

I realized today that I really just want to see Weikle's face. Even if just a picture. I didn't realize before that it would be 215 or so days before I actually saw his face. I can send him pictures but I don't think I will be seeing pictures of him there until he comes home. It just blows my mind. What an awesome bond to have with someone though, to not see each other for 7 months, to hardly talk to each other in that 7 months, and to have no doubts that when he steps off that bus it will be like he never even left. Could I ask for anything better than that? I have a better relationship with my husband who is thousands of miles away than most people have with someone they see everyday. It is an absolutely amazing feeling.

I was going to sleep before I started writing this and then realized I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep. Partly because my bed seems empty tonight, more empty than usual. And secondly because I feel like I may be getting sick. UGH. I have a scratchy throat and just feel BLAH. I really hope this goes away.

I'm going to go back to trying to fall asleep now, and back to waiting to hear from him again :]
Let's all pray that this week flies by! School starts next Tuesday, yay!

"The Marine Corps has just been called by the
New York Times, 'The elite of this country.'
I think it is the elite of the world."
--Admiral William Halsey, U.S. Navy

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