Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tick Tick Tick, Time is Going Fast

Wow. Where did March go? Oh ya, I was counting down the days til The Mr. got home! Always counting down the days. Well if you read my last post then you know that I was pretty shocked at the loss of Cpl. Porto. I still am. I can't help but think about it over and over in my head. I can't grasp that it actually happened, I can't imagine what his wife is going through. But besides that, things are going well here in Cali. Weikle got a three day weekend last weekend. He used it to catch up on sleep that he was lacking from the 36 days straight he spent working. I used it to do laundry for him, cook for him, and take him to buy a new car for me! (hehe) I love it. It was a slight upgrade from my 1992 Honda Accord that had 300k miles on it. We race each other out the door with the keys and push each other out of the way in the parking lot to drive it. I wear myself out and he always wins. Of course, I tell him that I let him win. We also went to the beach for a few hours, some relaxation was just what the doctor ordered. It was amazing to say the least.

Also, at the beginning of last week we went to the Pre-Deployment brief and were informed of quite a few things. Not a lot I can write about because of OSPEC. We did, however, get the address to where he will be. If you would like to have the address you may call or text me at this number: 602-377-7379. I cannot post it on facebook, nor will I be sending it through a message. Now, I will tell you that I will not be sending tons and tons of packages simply because he will have to carry it around. If you would like to send him something please keep that in mind. You may also want to ask me what he needs. I am hoping that we will be writing enough for him to tell me what he does and does not need. As of right now, writing is the only form of communication we will have.

And one last thing...

Note to self: NEVER go to the DMV in California again.
I went there last week and the line was wrapped around the building, I stood there for 30 minutes and didn't even move once, so I went home. I went back there yesterday and there was probably about 10 people in line. I was there for almost 4 hours. Not a fun experience. After I took the written test and passed it, the guy told me that my license will come in the mail no sooner than 4 to 5 weeks! Can you say ridiculous?

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