Monday, March 8, 2010

Days and Dishes

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I wouldn't say that mine was exciting (or anything close to exciting) but it was productive. 10 days until I am on my way back to California, 11 days until the hubby comes home. I am starting to get very anxious and have butterflies in my stomach. I am hoping that he gets back to base at a decent time so I can be there waiting for him, he will be sooo surprised. Eeek! I'm way to anxious, I am gonna love him to pieces when I see him... But for now, he is in the middle of nowhere, freezing in the rain. He doesn't mind it, but I hate not being able to feed him and love on him like a wife should be able to do.


Back in December when Weikle and I registered for our wedding we went to Dillards and Bed Bath and Beyond. Well, when we walked through the door at Dillards we started walking through where all the dishes were out on display. I saw a set of dishes I loved and stopped to look at them. To my surprise, he loved them too. Who would have thought? A Marine who eats his food in under 3 minutes actually cared about what dishes we would eat off for the next 10 years or so. We must have stood there for 10 minutes "Ooing" and "Awwing" over these dishes. Anyway, we registered for the dishes along with a bunch of other stuff. So those of you that were at the reception probably saw how drunk my husband got, and if you weren't there I will recap the night for you. Pictures started at 4:30 and by 5 he was already buzzing pretty bad. The actual reception started at 7 and he was already drunk. By 10 (which is when all the "wedding events" were done taking place) it was time to take him to the hotel. Then he was sick for a little while and fell asleep. He never drinks because of his job and always being tired but he had a blast that night! Me, being the wonderful wife I am, drove to where the reception was held at 6am and opened all of our gifts, loaded them all in the car, picked him up from the hotel and drove 5 hours back to Cali (with him throwing up the whole way home haha). So back to the gift opening... we had recieved the mugs that went to the dish set that we both loved. When we had gotten back to California I went to the mall to buy the rest of the dishes and they didn't have a Dillards at the mall. What mall doesn't have a Dillards? Come on now. But just a few days ago, I bought the dishes here in Arizona.

Aren't they amazing!? I want to use them so bad! This is just half the dishes. The dinner plates, bowls, and dessert plates are all the dark chocolate brown you see on these dishes. I have unwrapped them about 3 times to look at them. Can you say obsessive!?

One last thing I will leave you with:

There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.

--Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army

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