Sunday, March 28, 2010

Early Morning News...

I woke up this morning, which wasn't too long ago because me and the hubby stayed up until 2am playing Monopoly on Wii, and got online. I looked a few things up and then I realized that I hadn't read a blog that I had been following. I only follow one. She was the reason I started blogging myself. Her husband is a Corporal in the Marine Corps as well. He was deployed in December to Afghanistan. The dreaded location: Helmand Province, Afghanistan. She had their baby in January (just shortly after he left) and named her Ariana. Well for the past month and a half I have been reading her blog and I really liked it. So when I had realized this morning that I hadn't read her blog in about 2 weeks I was excited to have a lot to read about. Her post was titled "2 weeks" so I was hoping she hadn't posted in two weeks so I didn't miss anything. Well that was not the case. The "2 weeks" was the time since she had been told that the love of her life was killed in Afghanistan. She had CACO show up at her door on March 15th to tell her the news. I lost my breathe as I was reading this. I felt like I had known this woman and her husband. Both young, early 20's, and so in love. A feeling I could relate too. I started crying and still can't believe he his gone. I just cannot believe that the one blog I chose to follow this happens too. She had been organizing a sock drive to send a battalion a bunch of socks because they needed them. She had been going out with girlfriends, taking care of her daughter, getting through her deployment very well. And this happens. 4 months into the deployment. And she can do nothing about what has happened. This strong young woman doing so well can do nothing about what has happened to her husband. Pray and pray some more for Mrs. P and her daughter. Her family and his family as well. I know that with this happening it has brought on a feeling of "close to home" for me. REALITY once again.
Cpl. Jonathan D. Porto
If the Army and the Navy,
Ever look on Heaven's scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
by United States Marines.

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