Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Know You're a Marine Wife When...

The newest picture of the hubby. He sent this to me yesterday because he finally got service on his phone! It's amazing what one picture can do...Sooo it is about 17 more days until he comes home and I cannot wait. I might even cry when I see him! I sound like such a girl, I know, but I miss him terribly. I feel like I am just waiting time until he comes home, like my life is on pause until he is here again... I feel anxious all the time because I know there is so much we could be doing right now. But on the brighter side, we have made all kinds of plans of things to do before he leaves for Afghan.! We want to go on a hot air balloon ride, walk the beach at night, spend a whole day watching movies of my choice, VEGAS with his parents and mine, go see hollywood, go to the gaslamp district in San Diego, and the list goes on... We will be busy spending time with eachother and taking in all of the little moments of life...

Found this online, thought it was really cute. My comments and additions are in purple!

-You can roll his sleeves better than he can.
(Weikle rolls his own sleeves but we both think that sloppily rolled sleeves are disgusting!)

-You know to stay off base between 1130-1400, unless you absolutely can't help it.
(Atleast don't go anywhere near a place that sells food)

-You know his "last four" better than your own.
(I still know mine but I use his a lot more than my own)

-You find yourself up late at night doing his MCI's because he has to get up early and needs to rest.

-You get out your Military ID at Walmart without thinking about it.
(You get it out for everything without thinking about it)

-You've said "Good to go", "Roger that", and "Oorah" without noticing it.
(I say "good to go" allllll the time but not roger that or oorah, but I love hearing him say it on the phone!)

-You think his skivvy shorts are hot.
(Definitely not. For those of you who don't know, skivvy shorts are very short green shorts they wear to PT (physical training) in. I laugh when he leaves the apartment wearing them! His legs are VERY white)

-At a distance you can pick out your husband out of 100 men with the same clothes and haircut.
(By the way he stands and walks!)

-You're more "moto" than he is.
(Moto means you love everything related to the Corps and tend to want to buy everything associated with the Marine Corps. He understands that I am a very proud Marine wife and lets me buy some things, but he tells me when I have gone overboard LOL)

-You know that "field day" has nothing to do with a field.
(He is sooo thankful that he does not have to field day anymore...)

-You know the exact day he switches from woodlands to deserts and vice-versa.

-You know the exact measurements of his ribbons and medals on his uniform.
(He knows them, I just make sure they aren't crooked)

-You know how to cut a "high and tight".
(He has been in long enough that he doesn't get a "high and tight" but I have had to cut his "low fade" a couple times now and they were not good!)

-You know what boot bands are and find them all over the house.
(I wear his boot bands when I roll my jeans up, they are amazing!)

-You can pack his sea bag better than he can.
(He is very good at packing, but I just used his sea bag when I flew to AZ because we don't have any other luggage!)

-You know what motomail is and it is your lifeline.

-All of your closets are full of his things (gear, uniforms) and your shoes and purses are not even in the closet for this reason.

-Your kitchen cabinets have MRE's in them.
(Meals Ready to Eat, packaged food they eat during field opps.)

-Your vocabulary consists mostly of Marine related acronyms.

- You jump out of the shower with a full head of soap to answer the phone, private number, and weird area codes are what you're hoping will show up on caller ID.

-Everytime you watch a military related movie your husband tears it apart on how bad it is or makes comments on how surprisingly accurate they made it.
(He should be a movie critic!)

-You are used to your husband leaving while it is dark and coming home when it is dark everyday.
(Such long days without him, 0300 or 0400 in the morning until 1700 or 1800)

-You have been told to stop thinking like a PFC does.
(Private First Class, low rank in the Marine Corps. I hear this once a week atleast!)

-You pack a lunch everyday that could feed 5 civilians.
(It is almost disgusting how much food he eats!)

-It takes you an hour to cook a huge dinner and when you sit down to eat it your husband mixes all the food together and is done in approximately 3 minutes.
(I have the Marine Corps to thank for this, along with a million other things...)

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