Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Official (Day 56)

I am spoiled. Not afraid to admit it, I am spoiled by my husband. I would also like to say, once again, that I am very lucky. I spoke with him today and seriously think it was one of the top 3 conversations we have ever had. The best ones are where we can talk about the past and the future and it almost seems as if he were here, as if we didn't have that many more days to go. It's a feeling I wish I could feel more often, and thanks to my emotions I did cry when I was talking to him. Only for a second, because being the amazing husband he is, he made me feel better. I said, like I always say, that I wished I could be take care of him, to love him, to share his experiences with him, etc. I have fully explained how I could mail myself to him and live under his rack for the next 5 months, but he says he doesn't want me to see the things he is seeing. Typical. But I understand, plus it would probably cost an arm and a leg to mail myself to Afghan-ass-tan. He told me I am taking care of him by holding down the fort here in the states and by making sure he comes home to a well put together home. CHECK, that's easy. How amazing that was to hear, that he thinks I am taking care of him....all these things I am doing I didn't realize he would care and appreciate so much. He does, and that feels amazing. Besides him being home, I have everything here that I need, everything I need to take care of myself while he is away. He made sure of it. He even bought me a car before buying himself the truck he has wanted for so long. What an unselfish person. He has left me here with enough love to survive for years, but would never let it come down to that. No, he's coming home to spoil me some more. A spoiling I will never take for granted, a husband I will never not feel lucky to have and to hold for the rest of my life. This man, this Marine, brings out the best in me. Maybe no one will ever understand why I got his name tattooed on me, but I will always know... a piece of him is always with me, no matter where the corps takes him, he's mine all mine til the day I die and I've never wanted nothing more.

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  1. AWGH!!! Brit- You made me cry! As soon as you left my house I finally sat down to catch up on blogs I haven't read in days. I realized how much love you have for this man, and he has for you, very endearing. He will come home to you, and very soon! In the meantime, you have a new friendship to lean on. Had a blast with you today.