Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Fifty Three

New numbers say we are 27% done with this deployment; Come on 30, come on!

While the hubs is off patrolling through unknown territory, here I am driving the same 45 minute drive to school 4 days a week, getting information shoved into my brain for 4 hours and taking the same 3 hour nap everyday when I get home. You think thats exciting? If you only knew what my weekends consisted of! I'm guessing since we are almost to the 2 month mark I should be dealing with this very well and thinking everything is hunky dory. Ehh negative. I'm still counting down the hours, I'm still getting into bed every night wishing he was with me, and I'm still going through life without my best friend. I don't think this gets easier, I think you just learn to become a zombie and do the sleep; eat; school; sleep; eat; sleep; routine. I sleep A LOT. Mostly I like sleeping because he's with me, considering I dream about him every night. I like the idea that the more I sleep the closer I am to getting a phone call, reading that new email, and holding that sign when he gets off that bus....

Summer semester is almost over...whew! I'm going to write a little note to self and say never, ever again shall I take summer courses. 5 more class periods and I will never be setting foot on that campus again.

July will be full of sun, beaches, and family. Going to California (yay!) for July 4th weekend to take care of some things and see my fellow Marine wife (and she's a Marine). I have an appointment set up at the apartment complex I am hoping to be living in at the beginning of September. Keep your fingers crossed that they have availability! I will be there for 4 days, back in AZ for 4 days and then off to California again with the family for a week. Then I think we should all hope that the rest of July and August go by extremely fast so I can be packing up and moving, sound like a plan?

AND I would like to mention that my husband would be super proud of me if he were here. One reason, probably the best reason, is because I have been working hard in school and I am expecting 2 A's. The next reason is because I picked up the couches on Saturday that I bought, and they are pretty much aaaamazing. Soo comfortable and I know they will be just what he wants after a long day at work. Not to brag, but damn do I have amazing taste in things. Including my husband :]

Off to do homework, scratch that, off to do everything but homework and then do homework at the last possible second.

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