Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Half Baked (Day 54)

No I'm not stoned (haha)... I went tanning with my friend Lauren today (If you're reading this, you know what I am about to say). I have MAJOR tan lines, but only on the front of my body. Dark tan lines on front, hardly at all tan on the back side. Neither Lauren or I like to lay on our stomaches, its hard to breathe okay? Therefore, we are left with not so sexy tan lines and are half baked. Maybe tomorrow we will only be laying on our stomaches to make up for today? Just maybe.

The hubby is even more in danger now, so to speak. He is out and about. Just asking everyone to pray, pray, pray for him and all the other guys out there. Just want this deployment to be done with....but until then, staying strong and holding down the fort. Makin him proud, like he is making me.

While I am going to bed, he is 4 hours into starting his morning.
Off to visit him in dreamland...

-P.s. June is almost over!

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