Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All is Fair in Love and War (Day 158)

Even with all the bad luck I have been having these days, I feel pretty lucky. Let's talk about the bad luck shall we?

I have horrible night vision which is slowly but surely turning into just plain horrible vision. The other night I got up to use the bathroom at around 4am ( I sleep on the couch) and I couldn't see that well. I had two flame less candles lit for this purpose and they still weren't doing the job. Anyway, our TV stand has a glass front on it that occasionally opens by itself. The husband said we are going to buy a new one - I insisted we don't need one. Well now we do...because I tripped on it and then kicked it, shattering glass about 10 feet in all directions. It took me 2 hours to clean all the glass up. Awesome!

Then, today I was outside spray painting stuff on our patio and went to walk back in the house - the screen door was closed and I smashed right into it. Maybe I shouldn't drive until I get my eyes checked? That could be a good idea.

I finally got a new phone after the whole ordeal with Verizon. And now, the air is going out in my car that we just bought 7 months ago. Oh, and the CD player in it is going out too. Wonderful. The good news is, I finally got base stickers for it. No more getting questioned going through the gate. Good thing, I was running out of stories. Now if only it would stop raining so I could put the stickers on...

Lets talk about that man in the sandbox now.

It's now October, which is good. I've been waiting for this month to come and now I am waiting for it to be over. I want November, I want a week left, I want an hour left, I want to stand in that parking lot and see the buses pull up. But I can't have everything I want. He's doing good, as good as you can be doing over there I guess. He misses me, but who wouldn't? I've been a real smart ass lately, sorry about that. He's said some really sweet things the past couple of days, things I will never forget. He doesn't say sweet things much; that's okay, actions speak louder than words. He's got to go "out and about" one more time for a few weeks and then he's done. Well done doing his job anyway. Then he moves on to doing other stuff for the last 4 weeks or so. We are getting down to the end, let's hope it goes smoothly.

I've got a mission of my own coming up. My mother-in-law called it: Operation Boobies. Haha isn't she clever? That's right, the twins are getting the makeover they have always wanted. October 15th. And let me tell you, this was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. Not to get them, just what size to get. You think you know what size you want and then you start trying them on and can't decide. It's super hard to tell what size they will be because everything is measured in cc's. Not cup sizes. But I decided and it's official. They say the surgery will be less than 90 minutes long and I will only have an hour in recovery. My mom and grandma are coming up to take care of me. And my fellow Marine wife, Natasha, will be here too - giving me shit and taking pictures to completely ruin my self esteem, and of course, send the pictures to my husband so he can laugh too. How great :] I'm stoked and pretty nervous. I've never had anesthesia before. Shouldn't be too bad, my surgeon is amazing.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather (AZ family and friends)!


  1. I've had anesthesia a few times. It's cake. I know it terrifies some people, but not this chick.

    I'm curious to hear about how your surgery goes, as I want to get mine done really badly as well (and Mr. has said a-ok on it).

  2. I just hate not knowing what to expect, I always hate doing something for the first time.

    I will definitely be posting about it afterwards. Probably the day/night of, if I can stay awake. Then I will let ya know what recovery the first week is like!