Friday, September 10, 2010

Lack of Internet, Cali, and Then Some.

first, let me tell you i dont have internet right now except for the browser on my droid. this would be why i cannot capitalize or punctuate anything. i tried to wait and blog until the sixteenth when i got my internet set up but i just couldnt wait. so if you would like to bare with me on this, here it goes...

being in california feels great, it really does. there are some downfalls though. every homecoming sign, every freshly shaved head, every other car driving by with a marine in it...its like a knife going into my stomach. it makes me miss him even more than i did. who knew that was possible? not me. the sun starts to lower around five oclock and i can almost hear his el camino pull into the parking lot, that heavy, real metal door slams and his boots pound up the stairs...but its not him, its just the guy next door coming home to his wife. the smell of my coffee creamer in the morning, italian sweet creme, reminds me of waking up after he has already left for work. the closet should be full of his stuff but its not. not even close. stacks and stacks of woodland camis but no desert camis. those are with him, where i wish i could be. southwest airlines really needs to look into non stop flights from san diego, california to marjah, afghanistan. it would be a huge money maker, thats for sure. well, i think so.

there is quite a few things that i havent done for almost a week. one, i havent talked to my husband. this could be contributing to the emotional post about missing him so much. im just extremely worried about him, i know he is in a dangerous place. i know i shouldnt but i constantly check casualty reports to see where the action is. and after checking tonight, he is definitely where the action is. second, i havent worn pants in almost a week. i dont mean i have been wearing shorts...just not wearing anything. bachelor status much? i have been cooking for myself though, let me tell you, thats kind of a waste of time...

the new place is great, i love it. its missing the person that makes it complete, the person who makes me complete. i need him to leave his boots in the middle of the floor so i can trip on them in the middle of the night, i need his crunchy socks laying on the couch when i get up in the morning...i would love to watch him eat dinner in less than two minutes and i would love for him to laugh at my messy hair at five in the morning when im trying to cook an egg. ohhh the things i would give anything for right now...

i do have to say that i have great neighbors here. two guys that are roommates, one is in the army, the other in the air force. weird, i figured they would be marines. but nonetheless, very nice guys. i set my trash outside the door because it was dark and i was too afraid to take it out, i woke up to find one of them took it out for me on the way to work. so i made some brownies, who doesnt love brownies? and took them over to them. the only issue for me here right now is that i dont know where my mailbox is...think i could just wait three months until weikle gets home to check the mail? im seriously considering it.

off to bed. hope everyone has an awesome weekend. i would use an exclamation point but no, droid wont let me. six days until internet...ugh.

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