Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've Had Enough (Day 142)

I have had enough of the bad things in life lately. Pretty much anything that could have went wrong in the past 4 weeks or so, has gone wrong.

I'm not going into great detail because just thinking about the things I had to deal with in the past few days makes me mad. And, it's not exciting. So just consider yourself lucky that you didn't have the past couple days that I did. Deal?

Something I have been meaning to write about for awhile is about people, specifically about past/present friends. It's funny what a deployment can help you realize. You first realize just how many people don't and never will understand what you're going through. That is probably the hardest part. It's the week after he left and you stand in Wal-mart and listen to the person in front of you complain about how long the line is when you realize just how ignorant some people are. Living their lives so easily and complaining about shit that doesn't even matter. The second thing you realize is that all the friends who said they would be there, that they would help you through the 7 months - they don't stick around. You realize the third thing when you have friends who have a boyfriend or maybe even a husband who they like to complain a lot about, or brag a lot about. Well, either one during a deployment is like a knife slowly going through your stomach. When you miss your husband like I have for the past 5 months, little complaints about the garbage not being taken out just seem stupid. When you miss your husband like I do, you don't want to hear how great date night was last week. Simple as that. Any one of the ladies going this deployment right now will probably support me on that one. And last, you will definitely realize that the person you least expected to be good friends with, the person you least expected would be there to make things easier will be the one to trust. Thank you Natasha :] You're awesome. And I'm completely shocked at the treatment from previous "really good" friends, compared to knowing you for a week or two. Who would have thought huh? Oh and you're gonna be my neighbor in approximately 11 days. No big deal.

That's all I feel like writing tonight even though I could write a whole lot more.
Hope everyone has a great week! :]

P.S. We're almost to day 150!

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