Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Almost Time (Day 205)

I'm almost done counting, I'm almost done with this deployment. We made it. There were times during the deployment that it seemed impossible. The first month, the fourth month, and the 6 month marks were the worst. No doubt about it. But I knew we could do it. And to my surprise...I will have gone 207 days without Skype. I thought I was going to die not being able to Skype because he was so busy. Then, we got 5 and a half months into the deployment (he was still busy all the time) and we just decided that we would try and go "old school". So we didn't Skype even when we got the chance. So really, I haven't looked at my husband in 7 months. I'm pretty proud of myself, and we both agreed it should make the homecoming that much more special.

I've been sort of busy getting everything ready for him to come home. First, I have to feed the puppy, play with the puppy, and then I have to get the puppy to take a nap so I can get things done. Just another thing that confirms I won't be having kids anytime soon. It has been interesting. But, it has helped me space things out so I have things to do every day. Time still doesn't seem to go fast enough though.

I really don't have much to clean because I am a clean freak all the this has led to me obsessively cleaning. I'm cleaning baseboards and window sills. And I might have re-organized and cleaned the inside of every cabinet in the apartment. Think he will notice? Most likely not. But hey, I know its clean. Clean makes me happy and gives me a better day. It never fails. I still have a few extra things to do for him tomorrow and I'm excited about it.

Off topic a little bit...Sarah Palin's new show "Sarah Palin's Alaska" is absolutely amazing. You may love me or hate me for this but, I think me and her would be best friends. She's awesome. And look at Alaska, it's amazing, so she must be doing something right. I love her. And I would love to move to Alaska. Seriously.

Also, in the past week, I have seen two different cars with stickers that say "RIP Michael Jackson" and then the years he lived. Is that really necessary? Probably not.

Some people, I will never understand them.

I absolutely love my life, my husband, myself, my puppy. And soon, I will be eating dinner with him, not eating cereal for all three meals of the day. Life will be back in session. I could not ask for more.

Oh and not to toot my own horn, but I'm looking amazing right now. The past 7 months of working out and taking care of myself have done me good. Can't wait for him to see me, I'm thinking he'll be surprised.

Hope everyone has a great week! I know I will!

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