Monday, July 18, 2011

Running Out of Patience...

Yesterday was Sunday, and Sunday is definitely not FUNday. It is grocery shopping, errand running, driving in traffic, crappy, Sunday. It's the only day me and the hubby get time together because I work Saturdays and have Sundays and Mondays off. So, while I do wait all week for Sunday to come, once it arrives, I dread it. Let me explain.

Let's start with Costco. Yes, I absolutely love buying in bulk at such awesome prices. I'm all for it. But when I go to Costco, I don't find it necessary to bring all five of my kids, my uncle, my grandma, and my neighbor with me. I also don't bring all those people and then just stand around in the middle of the walk way and talk about why I am such an idiot. I mean, come on!? You're grocery shopping, it's not a carnival. What are your kids, all below the age of 10, going to do? Help you decide the better deal on cheese? Leave. Them. At. Home. I am not the only one who would thank you for this. Oh and while you're at it, speak English, and wear clothes that people won't cringe at. Thanks.

So once we do all of our grocery shopping we have to come home and unload it. Which would be fine, if the people who designed our apartment complex would have put any thought into it at all. We live on the 2nd floor which is what I wanted so I didn't have to listen to anyone living above us. Well, our stairs are so narrow that your can't carry grocery bags up them without going up the stairs sideways. Joy. So 20 trips up and down the stairs and we're finally done. Then, it's time to figure out how to fit 2 weeks worth of groceries into a fridge that can hold a few TV dinners and a carton of milk. All the luxuries of living California, and all of this can be yours, for just 1500 dollars a month! Yayyyy!

Now, whenever something small happens, Weikle and I just get super irritated and yell about how we hate this state. Then after we make fools of ourselves, we laugh it off and say "only a few more months". I'd give anything to be in Tonopah right now, on a dirt road, drinking a beer, and no one around. No buildings, no cars, and no attitudes. Just wide open land.

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